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Experienced, caring, fun, In-Home and Online instruction and academic coaching for students in grades 8-12+.  


Flexible hours.  Excellent references.

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Sherri Pranzo has a long history of helping others learn. As early as middle school in Weston, Connecticut, she would take meticulous notes for her fellow students with disabilities. Throughout high school, she enjoyed volunteering as a peer tutor. While completing a Bachelor's degree in Biology at The University of Connecticut, she tutored college students as well as high school students in math, science, english and SAT prep. After college, Sherri joined Bios Laboratories of New Haven, CT as a Genetics Research and Production Scientist, where she also mentored high school co-op students, training them in science and laboratory techniques. In 1996, Sherri devoted her energy to her passion for teaching by creating The Traveling Tutor, and she has been working successfully with students at some of the top public and private high schools in Connecticut ever since (Weston, Westport, Greenwich, Fairfield, Guilford, Choate Rosemary, Loomis Chaffee, Miss Porter's, and Kingswood-Oxford). After 17 years in Glastonbury, Sherri now resides in Guilford, CT with her husband and two dogs, where she enjoys hiking, boating, fishing, gardening, drawing, traveling, and learning anything and everything about science.  Volunteering at the Guilford ABC House as an academic advisor and tutor to help young women of color achieve their academic and life goals also brings her tremendous joy.

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                 TEACHING PHILOSOPHY

Sherri's philosophy and approach to learning helps her establish solid, long-term relationships with all of her students. She believes a good tutor must: 

  • Teach students to take control of their education. "Putting them in charge of their schoolwork and grades yields a greater sense of responsibility and accomplishment when they make the grade." 

  • Use positive reinforcement and coaching to bolster students' self-esteem, leading them to success through a progressive series of small accomplishments. 

  • Teach students to teach themselves. "An important and necessary skill for higher education."

  • Constantly analyze individual learning styles and adjust teaching methods accordingly. "Every student is unique in the way he or she processes information."

  • Truly care about students and their achievements, in all aspects of their lives. 

  • Listen at all times. 

  • Believe in her students at all times. 

  • Work closely not only with the students, but also with teachers and parents.

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Sherri's unique background and abilities allow her to tutor multiple subjects with each lesson, eliminating the need for several tutors.  She tailors each lesson to meet each student's learning style and immediate and long-term needs, all in the comfort and convenience of your home.

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Organization of Notebooks
Academic Planner Use
Notetaking Techniques
Memorization Techniques
Test Taking Skills
Time Management Skills
Test Anxiety Relief Techniques
Learning Tactics for ADD/ADHD





Environmental Science*

*includes Advanced Placement (AP)

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Algebra I & II





*includes Advanced Placement (AP)





College Essays

* includes Advanced Placement (AP)

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SAT Subject Tests

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Here's what Sherri's students and their parents have to say...

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"I would strongly recommend Sherri Pranzo as a tutor for your middle or high school student. My advice, though, is to get on her waiting list when your child is born! She is well worth the wait!  I believe I put my name on her waiting list about two years prior to needing her. She is so organized; that's how she runs her business and that's a big part of what she teaches her students.

I used Sherri for three of my daughters ranging from 7th grade to senior year. What a difference it made.  Besides being a fantastic tutor who knows how to teach each subject, Sherri teaches them the fundamentals - how to organize, how to study, how to prepare for quizzes and finals. What Sherri taught my children transcended the coursework.  It helped them when they went to college, and they never would have learned those fundamentals on their own (or with any other tutor - we tried several before Sherri.)

Sherri is always patient and understood each of my daughters' level of learning and motivation.  They were very different students, and Sherri understood just how to work with each one.


Sherri keeps track of each student's finals schedule and makes extra time to tutor them for finals which really helps!  She often spends extra time with the students if they need extra help for an upcoming test.  My children never complained when they had to be tutored - they actually looked forward to it because they enjoyed her teaching style.  Her tutoring method also instilled a sense of confidence in our daughters, and I believe a large part of their success in school had to do with the fact that they felt that they were ready when they sat for a test.

We also used Sherri for SAT/ACT tutoring, and you could truly feel how excited she was when your child got a great score or got into their top college choice.

While Sherri is a true professional, she is also such a pleasure to be around and always has time to chit-chat a bit before she leaves.  I believe I've gotten to know Sherri fairly well now that she's tutored my three daughters, and on top of being an excellent tutor and teacher, she is also a warm, caring person. Sherri has been coming to our house weekly for years now and she is always a pleasure and always has a smile!"

Suzie Paperny (parent)       Glastonbury, CT      2011-present

"I have been tutored by Sherri since I was in 6th grade.  Today, I am a senior and I can truthfully say, I would have never been as hardworking or determined as I am without Sherri.  She taught me much more than just french, english, math and sciences.  Sherri taught me necessary working tools to be successful.  She showed me organization and always kept me on top of my schoolwork and extracurricular activities.  She most importantly taught me that to be happy, you need to do what you love.  Without her teaching me that, I think I would've been very much so misguided.  She brought up my grades and work ethics tremendously and taught me how to be a hard worker."

Shannon Giarratana (12th grade)     Glastonbury, CT     2010-2018

"Sherri was fantastic to work with.  As an adult returning to college after a prolonged absence, it was challenging to master the Science and English curriculum.  It was also very hard to find a tutor that would assist an adult learner.  Sherri was referred by a friend and she was a Godsend!  She helped me to break down complex topics into simpler terms using practical and often fun examples.  Her approachable style combined with a wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects helped me to succeed when I thought it was hopeless. I would recommend her for any student, regardless of age, who truly wishes to succeed."

Suzanne McCormick      Guilford, CT       2018

"Sherri is a charismatic and creative tutor.  With enthusiasm and commitment, she taught each of my three kids according to their learning style.  My kids consider Sherri a tutor and a mentor.  Not only did their grades improve and stay high when she was tutoring them, but also their self-esteem and organizational skills improved.

Her SAT program is exemplary and all of them had improved scores and one of them had an increase of 320 points in her score!

I believe Sherri's tutoring changed the trajectory of my kids' lives; one who formerly hated math and science is now studying nursing, and the oldest is on Wall Street.

Thank you  Sherri - you are THE BEST!"

Katy Giarratana (parent)    Glastonbury, CT     2010-2018

"I wouldn't know where to begin to emphasize how helpful Sherri has been not only in my academic career, but also as a role model.  She knows how to help and critique any kind of student and I'm sure I was one of the more challenging ones, but she never disappointed in making sure I'm organized, know what I need to know, and most importantly [she] makes my most difficult subjects fun to learn. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to further their education beyond high school.  And lastly I will say, she has yet to leave one of my questions unanswered (and trust me I ask a lot, especially not pertaining to the lesson we would be learning.)  One of the most intelligent people I have ever met!"

Chris Scarangella (12th grade)     Glastonbury, CT      2012-2018

"Sherri has impacted my grades a lot!  Without her I don't know how I would survive. She's ready to be asked any questions that you have and she will provide a descriptive answer or example until you understand.  She helps me stay organized and manage my time efficiently.  Before a big test or exam, she'll come as often as I need her and make sure I'm prepared."

Riley K. (12th grade)     Glastonbury, CT        2014-2018

"Hi Sher!  Thank you so much for being there for Angie!  You really go above and beyond and you are a great friend!!  Ange just gets so unsettled when she can't figure her homework out; you coming last night was such a relief for her. With all that she is undertaking right now your visit was priceless!"

Lisa G. (parent)         Glastonbury, CT        2012-present

"I worked with Sherri for SSAT and SAT prep.  She is very organized, has a detailed plan and she explains concepts in a way I understand.  Also, she makes sure I completely understand a subject before moving on to the next area.  She is also very enthusiastic about teaching."

Christina D. (12th grade)     Glastonbury, CT   2013-2018

"[Sherri] teaches me how to learn math problems by showing me the different ways to solve problems.  She always checks with me to see which method I understand the best, and that's the one we use.  She gives me hints on how to remember certain things, like formulas.  She is also very nice and calm!"

Catherine D. (9th grade)    Glastonbury, CT       2014-present

"Three years down- one to go! Thank you so much for your continued knowledge, support and kindness to Adam and our family.  You have honestly kept the sanity in our house through Adam's high school years!"

Julie K. (parent)        Glastonbury, CT        2014-2018


Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out,

Sherri would love to hear from you.

Sherri Pranzo

The Traveling Tutor

2 Island Bay Circle Guilford, CT 06437


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